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I Don't Believe It

Why are gas prices rising? Is this another American antic to make panic, jack gas prices up even more, and make profit from long lines?.....of course! I can't believe some people can't see this, however I did need gas for the weekend so I suffered in the long lines to get a better price than today. Yes, there were oil stations where Katrina touched down, but we do have reserves and we are in Iraq taking over their oil, so we're not completely out of fuel! Sometimes (most of the time) I don't believe the BS the American government says and why the hell didn't they move faster to help AMERICANS in the time of need? Some of the survivors from the hurricane died and I remember hearing that a guy in New Orleans jumped to his death because he couldn't take it anymore. The truth is that government is slow to help New Orleans because the majority of the people in despair (if not all) are minorities. Not true? Let's see...wow the people in Biloxi (sp?) received helped already and guess what...they are a mix of ethnicities including the majority, so if they didn't receive help Bush would lose his main supporters (he's losing them already for that damn war which isn't really a war anymore). What's going on is enough to make you cry and become depressed...New Orleans needs to receive food, water and their people need to be taken to shelter. I haven't seen the news today yet, but I'm sure since the televised broadcast yesterday something has been done...besides the government doesn't want to be seen as showing favoritism, but it's already too late.

Trapped in a Closet

I'm liking the song by R. Kelly that plays on the radio for like 30 MINUTES called Trapped in a Closet. It's the funniest thing I've ever heard and intriguing to watch the video as well. The video has its own 30 minute slot when it plays how cool is that? Karma is a bitch isn't it?! And they're calling hip hopera or something crazy like that! It's just a story being sung out...that's what songs are basically so why should it be considered opera?


It's all over cuz the end is here!

All done with finals! Thankfully there was nothing too hard... looks like it's back to the ATL 4 me. Damn I wish was going to Cali!!!

TKD happening yesterday....

Well, I'm in Tae Kwon Do class yesterday going through all of our normal excersises and stuff that we do everyday, but then after about an hour or so it started to get really hot in class and I'm thinking it's just because the AC went off and we're moving around anyway and there's about 20 or so people in class so this is normal right? Wrong! The instructor starts going through this drill for our new block to learn and that's when it hit me... Oh crap, everything is getting blurry and I can't really hear what's going on anymore. All I remember is Mr. Slay going "1, 2, 1, 2, 3..." The next thing I know, I'm sitting on the floor with him in front of me going, "Hey, can you hear me?" I was thinking what happened and why am I sitting when I used to be standing? If you didn't guess already yeah I passed out in class in front of everybody! I tried to remember what happened and I remember the instructor saying "1, 2, 3" maybe I stumbled a little bit (i don't know), and after that everything went black! When I opened my eyes Mr. Slay is kneeling in front of me holding my wrists so I'm assuming that I fell down or whatever and he rushed over or something to stop me from falling hard to the ground. I should have known I was going to pass out because that's not the first time that happened to me... the last time I was in church, it was getting hot as well, and my vision became blurry and pretty much the same thing happened. But I'm fine people so nobody worry about Jam. Next time I should watch out if I become too hot! I don't deal well with heat in the first place!

If I went to the doctor or something the first thing those pansies would ask me is "Are you pregnant?" How come everytime a girl gets sick, passes out, vomits, etc. she's preganant?! How can you get preganant without having sex? I guess that would make me the modern day Virgin Mary LOL!

Cool Beans!

I can't believe iT! The dream that all college student's wish is coming true for me tomorrow... MY PROFESSORS SIMULTANEOUSLY CANCELED CLASS TOMORROW and they have no idea nor was it intentional! Just one of those lucky things that happen I guess!


Once again "Bahama Mama" has the heat up past 80 degrees! It's not that damn cold outside! She acts like we're back in Atlanta during the ice storm when the temp was like 30 below! I'm sitting here trying to concentrate on doing my essay (which i procrastinated to do) and I can't cuz the heat's getting to me! It feels like I'm trying to breathe out of a cubed escape box! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Down you're going thermostat or better yet OFF... *phew* much better...


Mucho gracias Dr. Studstill for canceling our 8am class for the week of March 7th. No getting up at 7am this week! Yeet yeet!

*Si, eso es de lo que estoy hablando!*

What Idiots Lurk Around Campus

Well, tae kwon do was interesting and a great workout! Funny how working out makes you energized. After I left I went to see some friends play in their intramural leagues of volleyball. Might I add they take their game waaaaaaay too freakin seriously! It's not like you're the varsity team or anything... you guys are just playing for fun and really no benefits except a workout and learning sportsmanship! They would eject/switch a player for messing up once or twice... OK maybe they're NOT learning good sportsmanship so basically they just sweat hard! *What idiots!*

Anyways, did anyone catch Survivor cuz I just realized I missed it and it's been over for what 6 hrs. now! Give me the details!

*damn i hate living with a "bahama mama!" stinker puts the heat up past 80 degrees every freakin night! how the hell am i supposed to go to sleep when it feels like i'm being smothered?! what's the point of a shower b4 sleep if i'm just going to sweat all damn night!*

Look Menzies, I'm Clean!

Hey Menzies peeps! I wanted to show you all what I look like away from camp when I'm all spick n span and back into my everyday mode; pretty decent. Hahaha Reese already said the pic doesn't look like me, but I assure you that it is! What do you think? How I wish I could be there joining you guys when you have that reunion. That would be so cool!

School is a lot more interesting this semester unlike last semester, bleh! I've started taking some of my minor classes in Sociology (I just love it)! My most interesting class is "Urban Legends and Myths." Yeah you guessed it. We study myths and urban legends that have been around for years basically to decipher whether or not there is some truth in them...mostly no.

Did you hear the one about what some guys roommate did to him???
Supposedly a new student began to develop respiratory problems and noticed some rectal bleeding after a few weeks at school. He went to visit the campus doctor and was told that his respiratory condition came from breathing too much ether, but the bleeding came from anal sex! The guy goes back to his room and found a bottle of ether in his roommate's closet. When his roommate came home later, the guy beat him up and moved out. Apparently at night, his roommate had been sedating him and then having sex with him!

Well, that's it from me. Miss ya!

Battle of the Bands

Well, once again I have a cold with special thanks to Atlanta (thanx Atlanta) - I'm drained! On the flip side, The Honda Battle of the Bands was fantastic! Me and 4 friends went to Atlanta this past weekend to see it at the GA Dome. We were going to travel to ATL on Saturday, but my friend Andrew who's in the Savannah State band told me that the band was only going to stay at the Marriott on Friday night and leave after they finished up on Saturday with performing, so if I wanted to visit him I would have to come down on Friday. The visit was cool, but I wish I could have stayed longer, but seeing how it was raining/sleeting, the temp continued to drop steadily below freezing, the band had a midnight curfew, we traveled on MARTA which stopped running at 1am, that wasn't possible :( (damn you weather!). The show ended up being postponed until Sunday at the same time because of the ice that accumulated from the freezing rain/sleet/snow on Friday night to Saturday morning so my friends and I ended up having to stay at my dad's house all of Saturday because I mos def wasn't driving in that sh*t with none driving Atliens and Drew and his band-mates had to stay an extra night. Lol you should have seen all of the accidents that happened! I could probably go into more detail about the events of the Battle of the Bands, the guys we met, the asshole dudes that talked to us and were sleazy, how my Japanese friend got called "Yao Ming," etc, but I'm really drained from fighting this cold, kept waking up in the night, and I'm tired of thinking for the day. I will leave you with this awesome article about the BOTB!

Battle of the Bands: The lively show goes on at the Dome


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 01/31/05
And the bands played on.

For four hours, the Honda Battle of the Bands filled the Georgia Dome on Sunday afternoon after organizers postponed the crowd-pleasing event for a day because of the ice storm that paralyzed metro Atlanta.

The event, featuring 10 college marching bands selected by Internet votes from a pool of 40 schools, played to a nearly full house Sunday; 64,000 tickets had been sold for the scheduled Saturday performance.

The schools showcased were Alabama A&M University; Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Fla.; Florida A&M in Tallahassee; Langston University in Oklahoma; North Carolina Central University in Durham; Prairie View A&M in Texas; Tuskegee University in Alabama; Virginia State in Petersburg; Savannah State; and Clark Atlanta.

Though it's called a battle, it is actually an annual showcase for some of the best marching bands and dancers from historically black colleges and universities and their bands; no winners are declared.

The dancers were dressed in velvet tights, glittering headbands and, sometimes silver capes. They tumbled, kicked and shook their bodies in Martha Graham-meets-hip-hop moves.

"Someone please call the fire department! These ladies are hot," shouted an emcee via the speakers, egging on the crowd.

Each band danced, too. Ray Charles' "Hit the Road, Jack" was rendered with a twirl, and Paula Abdul's "Cold-Hearted Snake" with a split.

This was the harvest of the students' hard work all semester. For the Tuskegee musicians, practices — 5 to 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays — began in August.

"It takes a lot of commitment," said Dawan Malik, 22, a Tuskegee drum player "We were all anxious to play, but I think we did really good."

This year's special moves included a seven-man pyramid and a dance segment featuring five plus-size women, said Malik, a senior from Atlanta who is studying mechanical engineering.

Some of the performers appreciated the extra day.

Saturday was used for much-needed rest, said Kamaria Jackson, 20, a junior at Clark Atlanta and the leader of Essence, the school's band dancers.

"We had a rough schedule this week, so we took it easy," said Jackson, who had on red velvet tights and bell-bottoms with one leg missing. "It came out much better than we expected."

The show's producer, Craig Cason, said the decision to postpone had been agonizing, with officials from the Georgia Dome and the state Department of Transportation, hotel managers and others meeting almost hourly to decide whether to proceed with a Saturday show.

The event, which is underwritten by American Honda, costs about $2 million to produce, including hotel costs, travel and other expenses for the bands.

Staying in Atlanta an additional day would cost Honda about another $400,000, Cason said.