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*First written in MySpace blog*

So earlier I was browsing through the "friends" page of my LiveJournal and I ran across an interesting entry on there. My first initial reaction to this entry was, "Wow that's a bit harsh as well as arrogant! How could you not blatantly see where she is coming from? How inconsiderate!" I understand most people don't think like I do and try to see from the other person's point of view before speaking, but we should all partake in this as it will help us to connect with one another. Besides, everything is not purely black and white! Let's help each other and not hinder! Anways this what the entry said (all LJ names will be removed):

Bear the unbearable
I got an email from a friend earlier this week. At the end, she wrote ¨Wow, you´re in Nicaragua. I´m so jealous! I want to go to South America someday!¨

Let´s break down how problematic this statement is, shall we? First of all, Nicaragua is in Central America, not South America. There´s a big, big difference. Secondly, friend who shall not be named, if you can´t even place Nicaragua on a map, why do you want to go there? You clearly know *nothing* about the area, so where does this desire to go to South America or Central America or where ever it is that you want to go come from? Does the idea of traveling to a Latin country just appeal to your exotic aesthetic? Fuck that. No, really. Fuck that.

And while I´m at it, I am currently in America. No, not the United States of America, but still America. Up north we like to think of ourselves as enjoying exclusive rights to the American identity, ignoring the fact that millions of people in Latin America think of themselves as Americans too. That was a good lesson for me to learn.

See what I mean? A bit arrogant! So I commented on the entry and wrote:

I agree with State people thinking that we are the true AMERICANS, but we really aren't and I hope this is being taught to the children of the next generation!

Ok, now let's break this down even more logically (assuming that's what you're being) and put ourselves in your friend's brain shall we? In our generation we learned that there are 7 continents not 8. Central America was not named as one of the continents and it was therefore thought of to be connected to South America yes? As I recall from childhood, North America consisted of the States along with Canada and South America contained everything below the States including Mexico! Logically your friend - and whoever else from our generation - is not wrong in their thinking even though what was taught to them/us may have been. I hope you were polite, didn't make her feel like a dolt or at least not arrogant in your approach to correcting her mistake!

How many of us can honestly say that we have friends from the countries contained in Central and South America? Fortunately I can and am now able to distinguish Central American countries from ones in South America like Honduras vs. Brazil for example. If you have friends from countries around the world it makes it more interesting to learn about that particular country, locate where it is on a map, and get a brief overview of its history! It's not really her fault for not knowing, but now she does. Maybe we all just need to make international friends! I would've never been able to locate Estonia, Bosnia, Tanzania, Ghana, Croatia, Denmark, Indonesia and others if it weren't for being receptive to people from there!

Simple and a logical statement that shouldn't be read that much into, but yet someone always has to because we as humans are always competing with each other when our only competition should lie within. This man or woman (whomever) that also reads the same journal (not the initial journal writer) replied back to me and stated:

It's not difficult to look information up if one is unsure, but of course people's skills in using Wikipedia or Google Maps to type in a country's name may vary from person to person. I guess the internet is just so hard to use sometimes.

It's sheer and utter laziness for one's geographical knowledge to depend upon having friends who are from countries apart from one's own.

I thought, "How far did you read into what I said and how long did you go over my words to come up with this to make me look like one of the biggest dullards in the States?" Differences in thinking are what makes us and this world unique! It's all about looking at things logically instead of ideally so fuck you very much *name edited out*! I replied with a long ass comment, but I should've gotten my point across to them and their idealistic thinking! Arrogant people suck by the way; it's one thing to be confident and optimistic, but arrogance is a whole different level! I digress; this is what I said:

I'm not saying that it is difficult to do so *blank*, but having friends from differing countries makes it more interesting and likely that you'll WANT to know and learn about other countries AS WELL AS knowing EXACTLY on a map where it is; I should have made that MORE clear to people like yourself! I speak of KNOWING EXACTLY where the country is! Yeah you may know that Laos is a part of Asia or that Uganda is a part of Africa, but if someone said, "I want you to point out on this blank map of Asia where Laos is" could you pinpoint its exact location without researching first? The other most likely reason for people to know (especially in the States) EXACTLY where a country is is if you're planning a trip there or living there! This is what you have to realize and most State people are taught that we are superior and other countries are inferior so most of us don't want to know about another country and could care less unless we are going on a honeymoon, trip, etc. there and then we're all about getting the "geographical knowledge."

I have a general knowledge of where countries are on a map, but how many people know EXACTLY with pinpoint accuracy WHERE every country on this earth is located by this standard??? This is all I'm trying to get people to realize! If I waited to acquire friends from every country to gain an understanding of geography I would think I was lax as well, however that's not me! Some of us don't even know where frickin Montana is for that matter and we are supposedly "Americans?!?!" Don't sit here, sass me and over analyze EVERY word that I said. I said what I said and it's simple and rational/logical if you read carefully, but you chose to read too much into it and try to make me out to be a retard!

Trust me I'm no idiot! If I want to find out and gain knowledge about whatever, it's in my blood to do so, but that's just me; 1 of billions! I have no problem with asking questions and reading for myself, but be careful in even doing this because things get edited. Having international friends can also be enlightening to TRUE WORLD knowledge because they won't dumb down what "America" is all about either and the treatment of "America" towards them when they invade their country and such. Now, go analyze that!

Maybe I went overboard with that reply, but what woud have been overboard was me saying what I really wanted to say which lies along the lines of just saying, "F YOU AND YOUR SMART A** 'I THINK I KNOW EVERYTHING MOUTH" and "KISS MY MUTHAF'N A**" along with other obscenities. This would have been ideal enough for me. Of course we know that fighting words will get you no where!

Quite frankly I could care less what they think about my last statement...  They don't seem to be open enough to see where the friend that made the initial mistake was coming from and instead want to point out what they think I said.

For the record, yes I do know that Central America is a part of North America and South America is simply South America. This isn't common knowledge; perhaps it should be...

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