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Geez Myspace sure is getting a lot of flack nowadays and for what? Like it's the most dangerous site on the internet... let's be real! Shouldn't EVERYONE be careful of who they meet online on EVERY site because they are all equally dangerous! My view is like this, if you take the proper precautions and meet whoever it is in a public place then the chances of you being sexually assaulted are slim. Just because 1 idiot didn't does not mean that a safe and friendly meeting will not take place. Let's take this local CSU student for example and figure out if SHE took PROPER precautions (hmmmm).

The CSU Police Department was notified early Saturday morning that a student had been sexually assaulted by someone she had met on the Internet chat room Myspace.com and invited to her apartment. 

Ok, 1st of all dude, why are you inviting a random person over to your apartment of all places? The place where you rest your head and is a private domain for yourself? Don't invite people you've just met face to face over to your home and don't go to theirs. For all they know you are homeless lol; hey you have to be this way to protect your body and your life!

It seems like you were wanting sex if you invited him over to your apt - from a males perspective that is. Guys always think with their penis' don't you know this? If something has the potential to lead to sex for them, then it will be what they are thinking when you invite them to an "intimate" setting such as your apt for example! Why didn't you agree to meet @ a local coffee shop, bookstore, or some other form of PUBLIC entertainment until you got to know this guy better?? Afterwards you could of been like "sayonara dude. We'll meet up for lunch tomorrow!" or something like this until you got to know him better! What the hell did you think was going to happen? Guys think with their penis' ALL THE TIME...never forget this!!!

The same could have happened just meeting a guy on campus for the first time, you enmesh, and you invite him over to your apartment. You don't know that dude either! You're still a dolt for inviting him are you not?

I guess I'm just tired of websites receiving such high hostility when it is the users who are to blame for their asinine antics!!!!


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Oct. 4th, 2006 08:13 pm (UTC)
HAHa! The post shows up funny on my 'friend's page' but its ok on yours. I totally hear what you are saying! I went to the myspace/facebook seminar at school yesterday and its astounding how many ppl are having issues cause they do stupid things that hurt them in the end. Fight the good Fight Jam Booty!
Oct. 9th, 2006 11:31 pm (UTC)
How did I miss that seminar? CSU needs to promote more!

OK I was wondering if my entries were showing up on friends pages at all!
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