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*sighs* Reality is such.....

Why do we feel the need to exclude ourselves from one group of people for simple things that can't be controlled on their behalf? If we get to know each other for mutual interests, personality, and how well we all mesh together then we would get along so much better! I've heard ignorance all of my life and I have made a vow to myself to not let that influence MY decisions, but rather my experience in the situation(s) as an individual and them as an individual. If you don't realize what I'm talking about, it's the race wars we seem to have in America! Just because you have a bad experience with a few horrible people of one group does not mean it is alright to assume they are ALL the same. Sure you feel a little funny being one of the few in a room of people who are all the same from the outside, but once you get to know them and find some you click with, it's not so bad - I've had much experience with this too! Please stop listening to your parents and elder family members on this issue because this is what is helping to fuel race wars! They're from another generation for crying out loud; just learn for yourself and listen to your heart! I stopped listening to my parents (especially my dad... still love him though) about other ethnicities when I was in junior high and it's a great thing I did; otherwise I would be the most prejudice/racist person you've ever seen and would not have a clue why!

Please don't listen to the conservative, "the right-winged way of thinking is ALWAYS right" politics or people surrounding you @ school, job, home or TV either on gay marriage! It really is not up to us who gets to love who and who should be able to marry whom! If you're religious, you should know that God made us all and some are different just to test you... HAHA the jokes on all of us so deal with it! Homosexuals are still human are they not? JEEZ! People are ridiculous sometimes with their insane ideals. Ideals are not reality and will never be! Don't deny rights or treat others different EVER or it will come back to haunt you! We are all deserving of equal rights so please let them get married!

Interracial dating/marriage is another big deal even though it seems to be making its way to the mainstream; however, SEEMS is the key word. Who cares if she is white and likes black men or who cares if she is black and likes white men! Who gives a fuck? We all have a preference and if the high preference happens to be another race then so be it! Why is it a must that I date black men only? That is limited thinking! Why do people give funny looks at these couples like they have just seen Chewbacca or what not? Can somebody please tell me what the big deal is?


This makes me so angry just to think about let alone write about so I think I will stop here!

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